Frequently Asked Questions

A birth center birth is way more personalized care in a home-like atmosphere but still with medical professionals. The mother has the opportunity to make her own medical decisions pertaining to activity, eating, birthing positions and any medical interventions that may or may not need to be done.

There are a minimum of two people in your birth. A midwife and a birth assistant and sometimes a student. We require all of our staff to be CPR and NRP Certified and we perform quarterly emergency drills to ensure that our staff is fully trained and prepared for any emergency that takes place. We typically transfer to Hillcrest Hospital because they are the only hospital that has a NICU in Waco, Texas. They are familiar with our birth center and we work together well when our clients need to be transferred.

We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Baylor Scott and White, Ambetter, Superior Medicaid and all Healthshares. We accept all other insurances on an out-of-network basis. If you give us a call we can do a verification of benefits on your insurance before you choose us as your provider. The verification of benefits will give us your out-of-pocket cost.

Calling to schedule a free tour and consultation is our first step. This gives you an opportunity to meet our midwives, tour our facility and ask any questions you have about Waco Birth Center and Clinic.

250+ births since we’ve opened in 2016!

The ideal time is 7-8 weeks gestation. We start seeing clients at this time because this is when you can see the baby on the ultrasound. Before then, we cannot see the baby or their heartbeat.

We take clients up to 40 weeks gestation if they are a normal pregnancy with good prenatal records.

We use hydrotherapy which is evidence based to help pain in labor because of the buoyancy in the water. We also use pressure points, position changes and massage to give you relief from the pain.

Absolutely. We love transfer clients! If you are not a high risk pregnancy all you need to do to transfer your care is make an appointment with us and we will get your medical records from your previous provider by having you sign a Medical Records Release form available in our office.

We believe in the physiological process of birth. We allow the body to do what it does naturally without interventions which decreases the risk of complications. There have been two major evidence study surveys done that solidify the safety of out-of-hospital births. National Birth Center Study II – American Association of Birth Centers

We do a risk assessment during your tour of the birth center to ensure that you are a good candidate for an out-of-hospital birth.

All your care is taken care of here at the birth center except for your 20 week Anatomy Scan Ultrasound.

We do offer midwifery care and birth services for women with one prior, low-transverse cesarean section. For VBAC support and education go to and

We absolutely LOVE having older siblings take part in your prenatal visits. At Waco Birth Center and Clinic, we strive to promote sibling bonding and we believe this begins in the prenatal period. Our “little helpers” assist throughout the appointment by measuring mommy’s tummy, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Family-centered births are welcomed based on the mother’s and children’s comfort level.

Yes! Water is evidence based for pain relief. The buoyancy, warmth and relaxation of the water are very helpful. The majority of our births take place in the water.

Yes, 0ur midwives are educated in helping mothers breastfeed right away. We also have a Lactation Consultant on site that accepts some Insurances, Medicaid and has great cash-pay options.

Waco Birth Center and Clinic opened in 2016. We took our first client in July of 2016 and had our first baby in January of 2017.

Yes, we have a monthly Childbirth Education course with one of our Midwives, Hannah Hulsey, CPM, MSM, BSM. We strongly suggest that everyone should take Childbirth Education. Contact our office for more information.

Most of our hospital transfers are first time moms who experience failure to dilate, long labor and maternal exhaustion.

Our appointments are similar to traditional OB doctors. Except our appointments are longer so we can get to know each other better. We do two postpartum visits. One at day 3 and one at 6 weeks where traditional OB doctors do one postpartum visit.